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What Is Going On Here?
On April 9th, 2003 I happened upon a random post on Doc Searls blog where he explained that he accidently typed just the letter "O" into Google and got the O'Reilly web site. I started wondering what came up for all the letters of the alphabet, and I've been meaning to play around with the Google Web Services API. So, here it is: the first hit you get (in English) when you type each letter into Google.

Last Updated: March 22, 2005
(No longer updating!)

A Apple
Apple's main homepage.

International journal specializing in condensed-matter phenomena, as well as materials physics.

A large resource for all things having to do with the net.

D D-Link
Manufacturer of hubs, switches, NICs, Ethernet.

E Welcome to E! Online
Entertainment news, celebrity gossip, games and community.

F F-Secure: Be Sure. Data Security Solutions, virus protection ...
Product information, news, support, and information on viruses.

G Welcome to Gmail
Google-owned, search-based service that includes 1 gigabyte of storage.

H H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online
Interdisciplinary organization dedicated to developing the educational potential of the Internet with...

I iTools
Provides search, language and research tools on one page. Includes web, discussion groups, and people...

J Jennifer Lopez
Official site includes news, biography, TV and film information, photo gallery, contests, and online music.

K K Desktop Environment - Conquer your Desktop!
KDE is a powerful graphical desktop environment for Unix workstations.

L Europa - The European Union On-Line
Official portal to the European Union's institutions, policy programs, and news releases.

M Texas A&M University - College Station
Homepage for Texas A&M University.

N SBC Blue Web'n is a searchable library of outstanding Internet ...
This searchable database of outstanding Internet learning sites categorizes entries by content, audience,...

O -- Welcome to O'Reilly Media, Inc. -- computer books ...
Open source advocate and publisher of technical and computer book documentation for Unix, X Windows,...

P Pflag
Located in and representing communities nationwide, PFLAG promotes the health and well-being of gay,...

Q - The World's Greatest Music Magazine Online

R The R Project for Statistical Computing
R, also called GNU S, is a strongly functional language and environment to statistically explore data...

S Welcome to McDonald's
Corporate site for the Golden Arches serving such favorites as Egg McMuffin and Big Mac sandwiches...

T AT&T: The World's Networking Company
Provides long-distance, international and wireless services as well as internet access.

U The whatUseek Network

V VCOM: V Communications. Security, Web, OS Management, Partitioning ...
V Communications offers System Commander operating system boot selector and Partition Commander disk...

W GO :: Republican National Committee

X X.Org
Official distribution of X11.

Y Yahoo! Messenger
Allows you to instant message with anyone on the Yahoo server. Tells you when you get mail, and gives...

Z HealthAtoZ - Innovating Consumer Health
Includes a directory of more than 50000 professionally-reviewed Internet resources, supportive online...

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